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Journal of Qinghai University(Natural Science)

ISSN 1006-8996 
Organizer: qing hai da xue  
Publisher: qing hai da xue xue bao she  
Description: This publication is organized by the University of Natural Sciences of Qinghai comprehensive academic publications, founded in 1983, bimonthly, domestic and international public offering. Publishes machinery, electronics, chemicals, construction, utilities, agriculture, animal husbandry and other natural plateau science and related disciplines in the academic, technical reports, research studies, monographs and review, a concentrated reflection of teaching and scientific research. Since 2001, "University" expansion for large opening 16, each 100 yards, 15 million words or so. "Qinghai University" in Qinghai Province in 1995 as the outstanding scientific and technological periodicals; 2002 by "CAJ-CD specification," the first implementation of an excellent journal; same year by the assessment of the quality of Qinghai excellent journal editing. 2004, edited and published by the National Quality Award of Excellent College. "Qinghai University" to "Chinese Science" (CD) contains full-text journals, Articles (ChinaInfo) Periodicals network systems technology journals, "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" to retrieve the source, CEPS Chinese Electronic Periodical Services include full-text journals. (Translated by machine.)