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Tsinghua Science and Technology

ISSN 1007-0214 
Organizer: qing hua da xue  
Publisher: qing hua da xue xue bao ying wen ban bian ji bu  
Description: Tsinghua Science and Technology Founded in 1996, is a bimonthly, 16, opened a large, domestic and international public offering. Published in domestic and international science and engineering major basic theoretical research and experimental research papers, reflect the unique academic, on behalf of frontier, the current concern to the international scientific community on research results, promoting academic exchanges and promote commercialization of research and industrialization play of science and technology as the primary productive forces. Tsinghua Science and Technology is an international literature search agencies EI, CA, MR, Pж, INSPEC, ZBL and the "quick report of scientific literature" and a variety of national and domestic institutions included literature search. SCI is currently undergoing evaluation. (Translated by machine.)