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Light Industry Machinery

ISSN 1005-2895 
Organizer: zhong guo qing gong ji xie xie hui zhong guo qing gong ye ji xie zong gong si qing gong ye hang zhou ji dian she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: qing gong ji xie bian ji bu  
Description: "Light Industry Machinery" by China Light Industry Machinery Association, China Light Industry Machinery Corporation, Electrical and Mechanical Design and Research Institute of Light Industry, Hangzhou, jointly organized technical journals. Founded in 1983, was originally called "light-machine communication." 1993 by the National Science and Technology Commission, the State Press and Publication Bureau for approval in the domestic and international public offering in 1998, became a Chinese core journals. Now in the "China Academic Journal (CD)", "China Journal", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Articles - Digital Periodicals", "China Science and Technology Periodical Database" text included. Zhejiang Province in 2002 was awarded third prize of outstanding scientific and technical journals, Zhejiang Province in 1994, was named outstanding scientific journals. Zhejiang Science and Technology, 1996-2001 was named the Society of Editors advanced group. Contents of this rich, innovative, practical, comprehensive information, timely, innovative advertising, printing well, is the light of the industry, light machinery, light industry mold manufacturing industry and related cooperation, support, supply industries, enterprises and For teaching, research, design, production, maintenance, management, marketing personnel information, technology, an important source of knowledge. Publications are: a comprehensive introduction Light Industry Machinery (including: paper, food, packaging, plastics processing, household chemicals, household electrical, mechanical and other light industrial machinery) and related tooling, accessories, instruments, automatic control, communications, and other development trends, research, design, production results, new equipment, new materials, new methods, new product installation, use, maintenance, business, management and domestic and foreign information, advertising, timely dissemination of information, promotion of science technology into productivity for all sectors of light industry, light industry, machinery manufacturing and the related cooperation, support, supply industries, enterprises and readers services. Magazine sections include: Overview & monographs, research & design, manufacturing & testing, new equipment & new materials & new way to install & use & maintenance & improvement, environmental protection & safety, business & management, information & newsletters, and advertising . Information & Newsletter section under: industry newsletter, projects, patent information, technical information, technical improvements, enterprises Profile, Products, advertising index decile section. Ads include: paper machinery and parts, food machinery and parts, packaging machinery and accessories, plastic processing machinery and accessories, household electrical, mechanical and accessories, machinery equipment and parts, motor & reducer, coupling & clutch, pump & valves & pipe fittings, pneumatic & hydraulic parts, control & instrumentation and other categories. A quarterly publication, A4, 96 pages or more each. (Translated by machine.)