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Journal of Southeast Guizhou National Teachers College

ISSN 1673-9329 
Organizer: kai li xue yuan  
Publisher: kai li xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Carey College," hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, is published for the public at home and abroad a comprehensive academic journal, bimonthly. Established in 1983, formerly known as the "National Teachers College Southeast", "National Teachers College Southeast" in 2007 changed its name to "Southeast Guizhou." This publication reflects the higher education, scientific research and teaching in secondary education and the teaching of research subjects in order to promote the development of education and philosophy of social science and natural science and prosperity. Nationality prominent publications, local, normal, so as to teachers, students, humanities and social sciences as the object, focusing on its advantages, the formation of a Teacher, national and local Reflections. (Translated by machine.)