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Command Control & Simulation

ISSN 1673-3819 
Organizer: zhong guo chuan bo zhong gong ji tuan gong si jiang su zi dong hua yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhi hui kong zhi yu fang zhen bian ji bu  
Description: "Command and control and simulation," the original title is "intelligence command and control systems and simulation technology," change the title from 2006, renamed the purpose is to make the title simple, easy to remember. Change the title after the publication of the form, scope and purpose of the magazine topics be the same. Publication is the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 716 academic and technical classes sponsored by the Institute's publications, founded in 1979, bimonthly, 120 pp. China Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1673-3819, CN 32-1759/TJ. This publication reported that domestic and international land, sea and air fire control systems, weapons systems, command and control system and the theory and practice of C3I systems, modeling and simulation technology; and report on foreign military display device, interface, computer hardware and software, bus, network on the latest technology and products; reports of foreign military weapons systems development strategies and development trends. In 2006, the journal will seek to improve the quality and level of publications. Welcome to the new and old readers (including individuals and units) subscriptions. Price 10.00 each issue, a total of 60 per year 6. Now on any time of the year subscription. (Translated by machine.)