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Leather Science and Engineering

ISSN 1004-7964 
Organizer: zhong guo pi ge xie hui si chuan da xue  
Publisher: pi ge ke xue yu gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of the China Leather Industry Association and the Sichuan University co-hosted both the theory and practice of professional journals. Founded ten years has always insisted its own characteristics, focusing on the theory of academic journals, academic and authority. "Leather Science and Engineering" for the development of Leather Science, the revitalization of the leather industry for the purpose, which contains the field of Leather Chemistry and Engineering (leather, fur, tanning, leather chemicals, leather and leather products, machinery, etc.) and related disciplines the basic theory, application technology, experimental research methods, analytical techniques of research papers and research reports; on China Leather Science and Engineering of great significance to the development of thematic exposition (including policy) and a reference translation; Practical leather technology, leather chemical material production technology and engineering issues, etc.; of leather and related industries have valuable information (meeting information, new products, new technology research and development information, the relevant economic information and abstracts, etc.). (Translated by machine.)