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Journal of Internal Intensive Medicine

ISSN 1007-1024 
Organizer: hua zhong ke ji da xue tong ji yi xue yuan  
Publisher: nei ke ji wei zhong zheng za zhi she  
Description: Publication in 1995 by the National Science and Technology Commission approval of the competent Ministry of Health, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science organized the contractor Tongji Hospital. Founded in July the same year (quarterly) and the official release. Editor in chief is famous within the scientific experts, Professor Lu Zaiying doctoral supervisor, Professor Hu Zhaoming Deputy Editor, Editorial Director is Professor Liu Wenli. Editorial by Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and domestic famous experts and professors of medical colleges (79 bit), and the Honorary Editor Professor Shao Bingyang and 12 advisors for academic backing. Publication is the first a medical specialist and the related Department of Neurology, the clinical epidemiology of severe acute journals as the main content. Given its purpose and mission is a large range of Intensive Internal Medicine Experience in the field of clinical diagnosis and treatment, clinical, and basic theory, international intensive care (ICU) and the new into a new progress and so on. Help all levels of hospital medicine, neurology, general surgery infection clinicians, teaching, research staff to improve diagnosis and treatment of acute and critically ill patients. Welcome readers and contributors of subscriptions and. (Translated by machine.)