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Journal of Nanchang University(Natural Science)

ISSN 1006-0464 
Organizer: nan chang da xue  
Publisher: nan chang da xue xue bao li ke ban bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is organized by the University of Nanchang comprehensive natural science academic publications (quarterly, domestic and international public offering). Founded in 1963, formerly known as "Jiangxi University" (Natural Science), its present name in 1993. Publishes math, physics, chemistry, biology, food science, electronic science, computer science, materials science and other disciplines of basic research and applied research studies, presentations, newsletter and other papers, focus reflects the various disciplines of Science, Nanchang University the latest scientific research, and promote academic exchanges. Appropriate selection of the best board outside contributions. Contributions to novelty, academic and scientific, in duplicate, are advised to point clear, refining the text, data, and results are reliable. By state and provincial-level scientific research Foundation (marked item number) of the paper, Received from the date of publication and strive to publish within six months. (Translated by machine.)