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Journal of Ningbo Radio & TV University

ISSN 1672-3724 
Organizer: ning bo guang bo dian shi da xue  
Publisher: ning bo guang bo dian shi da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The journal is open publication of the comprehensive academic journal, will always adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion to explore distance education law, and prosperity of all academic disciplines, to promote the cause of modern distance education development. Publication based on the school in the same time, also for the community, will be the dissemination of scientific, exploration Knowing responsibility, the pulse of the times, concerns the forefront of academic subjects, and follow the Hundred Flowers policy to promote the academic research process, independent exploration, free dialogue, the different theoretical perspectives, academic schools inclusive for this publication to become worthy of the education, scientists and academic positions in favor of the theory of close friends. (Translated by machine.)