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Coal Conversion

ISSN 1004-4248 
Organizer: tai yuan li gong da xue zhong ke yuan mei zhuan hua guo jia zhong dian shi yan shi  
Publisher: mei tan zhuan hua bian ji bu  
Description: Articles by Taiyuan University of Technology, State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences sponsored Science Publishing House of the public offering to domestic and foreign academic journals of coal chemical industry. Main published content: Coal science; coal cleaning and combustion; thermal and coking coal; coal gasification and gas purification; coal liquefaction and provide quality products; the catalytic conversion process of coal; the comprehensive utilization of coal resources. Articles 1990-2007, 28 consecutive top ten journals in North China was named the north top ten journals, an excellent journal in North China, the North an excellent journal, Journal of the National Energy Publications excellent, excellent journal of Shanxi, Shanxi a periodical; included China Journal Journal of double-effect matrix; consecutive four versions were classified as "A Guide to Chinese Core Journals"; continuous access to journal impact factors of Chinese Science and Technology 300 ranking table; by nearly 30 domestic and foreign Abstract / database (such as "CA", "China Science and Technology Core Journals", "Core Journals in China", "Chinese science and technology journals excellent database", etc.) as the extract / indexed journals; Fund paper in 2003 was 0.87, tied for 13th national science and technology journals. (Translated by machine.)