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Colliery Mechanical & Electrical Technology

ISSN 1001-0874 
Organizer: mei tan ke xue yan jiu zong yuan shang hai fen yuan  
Publisher: mei kuang ji dian bian ji bu  
Description: This magazine is the director of the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, the Shanghai Branch of China Coal Research Institute sponsored by the coal industry technical publication, the National Chinese core journals. "ELECTRICAL" magazine is the China Journal Net, China Academic Journal (CD) contains journals, Journal Articles Indexed Data Resource System, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, the coal industry has repeatedly won the Outstanding Journal Award. Journal for the actual production, comprehensive coverage of mechanical and electrical aspects of coal the new achievements, new technologies, new experiences and new trends in coal and related industries a professional and technical personnel, technology management cadres, universities, students and equipment maintenance personnel preferred reading. (Translated by machine.)