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Fuzzy Systems and Mathematics

ISSN 1001-7402 
Organizer: guo fang ke ji da xue li xue yuan guo fang ke ji da xue xin xi xi tong yu guan li xue yuan  
Publisher: mo hu xi tong yu shu xue bian ji bu  
Description: Ministry of Science magazine selected Press and Publication Administration and the selection of the "Chinese Journal Square," Journal of double effect, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Information Institute identified as core journals in China, compiled by Peking University Library, "Overview of the Chinese Core Journals of China Head "" Core Clinical Journals, "by" Chinese Science Citation Database "," Chinese Medical Digest "," Chinese Biological Abstracts, "" Chinese Biomedical CD Database, "and other major abstracting and Indexed by the U.S." Chemical Abstracts, "Japan" quick report of scientific and technical literature "and Russian" Digest Magazine "and other international retrieval systems. Bi-monthly, color photo-text, coated paper printing. Features of the (expert forum, human pathology, experimental pathology), technology exchange, review, surgical pathology series of lectures, external examination Experience, pathological film reading, CPC, diagnostic doubts and other columns. (Translated by machine.)