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Wood Processing Machinery

ISSN 1001-036X 
Organizer: guo jia lin ye ju bei jing lin ye ji xie yan jiu suo  
Publisher: mu cai jia gong ji xie bian ji bu  
Description: Wood processing industry publication is the only professional technical publications, the State Forestry Administration, Beijing Forestry Machinery sponsored by the Institute. Publishes content: wood processing machinery industry, the results of the latest research and design, maintenance, technical innovation, production and management experience, new technology and new product introduction, Review of domestic and international technology trends, business information technology, standards and testing and the wood-based panels production process and so on. To enhance information dissemination, publication special provision of advertising and information services field, establish a corporate image, publicity famous, new products, promote technology transfer, contact product supply and demand, equipment swap places remaining, to seek co-associates, technical difficulties bidding and consulting. Available in wood processing, wood utilization and wood processing machinery, design, teaching, production, operation and management to learn reference. (Translated by machine.)