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Journal of Forestry Research

ISSN 1007-662X 
Organizer: dong bei lin ye da xue  
Publisher: lin ye yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of forestry journals. Established in 1990, quarterly, international public offering. Coverage of content, including: ecosystem management, forest management, forest tree breeding, forest ecology, landscape ecology, forest soil, forest protection, wildlife ecology and management, biological engineering, biotechnology, wood science, forest engineering and other aspects of research papers . This publication is a fine goal, focusing on issues outstanding articles and manuscripts funded the collection and selection of papers published in most of the frontier with the level of national and provincial level the proportion of funds subject of the paper up to 60% or more. Provinces and autonomous regions of the country involved in the domestic and foreign of involving the United States, Canada, Japan, Finland, Germany, Hungary and other 20 countries. Publication has been compiled into the United States Biological Abstracts (BA), Chemical Abstracts (CA), the international literature Abstracts Biology (CAB Abs bit acts) and other eight internationally important databases, and the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), China Forestry Science and Technology Literature Database, Chinese Science Abstracts, biological literature database in China, CNKI China Journal Net, Taiwan Chinese Electronic Periodical Services - BroadenGate Network (CEPS) and other 10 major databases of several domestic. "Forest research" (English) has become an international academic journals. Have some influence at home and abroad, in international academic exchanges play an important role. (Translated by machine.)