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Forest Research

ISSN 1001-1498 
Organizer: zhong guo lin ye ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: lin ye ke xue yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Forestry's forest science comprehensive academic journal. Main task is to reflect the time-based Chinese Academy of Forest Science latest research results, academic papers and research reports, science and technology and information, and promote international academic exchanges, academic discussion, and prosperity of Forestry, better China's forestry construction. Main contents are: seed, seedling planting, forest plants, tree breeding, tree physiology, biochemistry, forest insects, insect resources, forest pathology, forest microorganisms, forest birds, forest soils, forest ecology, forest management, forest management, forestry remote sensing, forest biotechnology and other new technologies, new methods, and to increase the forestry development strategy, development trends, and technology policies and strategies, forestry and related subjects for scientific and technical personnel, college students, leadership and management, grassroots forestry workers and other reading. (Translated by machine.)