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Forestry Construction

ISSN 1006-6918 
Organizer: zhong guo lin ye gong cheng jian she xie hui guo jia lin ye ju kun ming kan cha she ji yuan  
Publisher: lin ye jian she bian ji bu  
Description: This publication publicity of the party building and national forest-related policies and regulations, described the development of forestry industry dynamics and outlook of the work, communication, domestic and international forestry construction industry information, reported forestry construction survey, design, consultation, supervision, construction, production, scientific research, teaching and other aspects of basic theory, policy and management experience and advanced application technology, forestry construction of hot and difficult key issues. Meanwhile, the publication is the State Forestry Administration of Forestry specified construction standards, norms revised local publications, is the only full coverage of Forestry Engineering Information and has the authority and guidance of the major integrated science and technology journals, national forest Bureau of Forestry of China Construction Association and member of the exchange of information and publicity of the window. Purpose of the magazine are: forestry engineering services, construction management, construction and development projects to promote the forestry, forestry engineering construction exchange information, develop forestry project construction team. (Translated by machine.)