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Cereals and Oils Processing

ISSN 1673-7199 
Organizer: bei jing zhuo zhong chu ban you xian gong si  
Publisher: liang you jia gong bian ji bu  
Description: "Grain and oil processing" (monthly) by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, organized the professional branch of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association and co-oil central comprehensive science and technology journals. Chinese core journal publication is a national, ministerial excellent journals, Chinese Science Citation Database source journals, academic journals full text into the series of Chinese journals, Articles Digital Periodicals include journals and other periodicals. Service in grain and oil processing industry research, production, technology, management, marketing, brand, information and education staff. Operators required to provide the industry, market, technology and product information, grain and oil processing industry in-depth discussion of hot spots and focus the surface events of deep mining industry, the value of the information content, insightful analysis and summary of industries, products, technology and market trends and inherent laws. "Grain and oil processing" for domestic and international distribution, readers all over the country's grain and oil processing, storage and distribution companies, grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises, the relevant administrative departments, universities and research institutes, long-term support by readers friends, recognition and love . Information to provide you with comprehensive information service highlights the main columns are vertical and horizontal, regulations, and supply and demand. Comprehensive and timely coverage of industry, business, technology, market and product information, in particular, and relevant departments to strengthen the latest report issued national policies and regulations, exhibition and conference information, users and operators to supply information required for the content. Analysis of the focus topic of feature articles in each issue focus on hot industry topics. According to industry development, timely reports current industry, market, technology and product development focus and focus, in-depth analysis and discussion of issues and development of the internal law of the causes for the relevant managers to provide reference for strategic decisions. Analysis Seminar Summary of development of the industry based review, features, interviews, management, and style and other columns. Summary of industry, technology, products and markets in the historical process, in-depth analysis of the current situation and existing problems, propose solutions to targeted measures and development strategies, predict future trends. Interviews with industry experts and entrepreneurs in both the Record, there are production and business management experience and examples. Enhance the brand value brand products to promote brand management, marketing, business and product columns, reports and related concept of brand management theory, describes specific examples of brand management and marketing, about brands and brand building, promotion and development process. Market Price of logistics management strategy master has a market and price columns. Reported that raw grain and grain products in the market situation, problem analysis and development trends, regularly publish a variety of grain and oil products in the market price for grain and oil processing enterprises to provide timely information on changes in the market. Product Selection Guide introduces users to a variety of products of various grain processing machinery and related products. Technology to promote professional theory and practical technology has industrial technology, oil engineering, food engineering, foodstuff section. Industrial Technology section is divided into technology, maintenance, equipment modification, energy saving, waste treatment, foreign technology topics. Key reports and practical technology, research and processing of grain and oil processing technology professional and technical theory and practice of technology. (Translated by machine.)