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Journal of Shanghai LiXin University of Commerce

ISSN 1009-6701 
Organizer: shang hai li xin hui ji xue yuan  
Publisher: shang hai li xin hui ji xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Ericsson is committed to accounting theory of cutting-edge research, concerns the development of accounting practice, taking into account the economy and the latest developments in management disciplines. Of Piyou expert forum, cutting-edge research, theory and methods, governance structure, corporate finance, audit, financial perspective, accounting history, academic activities, and other columns. Of tracking the academic front, focus on original research results, follow the principle of integrating theory with practice, promote the use of scientific methods to study of China, adhere to empirical research, attention to normative research, adhere to combining academic and applied, respected academic rigor, attention to economic theory and practice and develop teaching and research work in the spirit of innovation, but also willing to provide our researchers and research papers published in a world of communication. (Translated by machine.)