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Journal of Shenyang Institute of Engineering

ISSN 1672-9617 
Organizer: shen yang gong cheng xue yuan  
Publisher: shen yang gong cheng xue yuan bian ji bu  
Description: "Shenyang Institute of Technology (Social Science Edition)" is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, Liaoning Provincial Department of Education in charge, organized by the Shenyang Institute, domestic and international public offering of the academic journal (quarterly). Publication of scientific development will be rooted in the fertile soil and academic exchanges, adhere to the respected science, development results, to promote the exchange, prosperity, culture and purpose of the magazine to the times, practical, academic, innovative features for the magazine, set quality awareness, expectations and strive to improve the Journal, and gradually form a journal style, to create periodicals. "Shenyang Institute of Technology (Social Sciences)" for "China Academic Journal (CD)" full-text indexed journals; China Journal Net full-text indexed journals; "China's core journals (selection) database" indexed journals and the "Articles - Digital Periodicals "Indexed full text journals. (Translated by machine.)