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Journal of Liaoning Agricultural College

ISSN 1671-0517 
Organizer: liao ning nong ye zhi ye ji shu xue yuan  
Publisher: liao ning nong ye zhi ye ji shu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Liaoning Agricultural Vocation Technical College," the original "College of Liaoning Xiong Yuenong industry" was launched in March 1985, the Department of mouth business approved by the department within the City University, 1990 10 menstrual Provincial Press and Publication Bureau for approval of the permanent ; 12, 1998 Press and Publication Administration approved the public offering period. Publication by the director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Agriculture, the institute hosted public offering to domestic and international agricultural science and educational comprehensive academic journal (quarterly), CN21-5059 / S (domestic unified ISSN); ISSN1008-3790 (International Standard Issues); renamed in 2000 "Liaoning Agricultural Vocation Technical College," Issues to: CN21-1448 / G (domestic unified Issues), ISSN1671-0517 (International Standard Serial Number). The University is a comprehensive academic journal Agricultural Science Education (quarterly), the provincial publications. Over the years, this issue has become a vehicle for University teaching and research, a University of foreign exchange, College of Education teaching and research show the importance of the window. Readers as students and teachers colleges, research institutes and technical personnel, previous graduates, at present, of more than 100 colleges and universities have been with the domestic establishment of exchange relations. Articles by Deng Xiaoping Theory and implement the Party and the country's press and publications on higher education policies and to disseminate scientific and technological information, and strengthen academic exchanges, promote the innovation, promote development of education, services, economic development as the purpose of the magazine; to base our oriented society, the principle of open journals; to agricultural science, agricultural economics, agricultural technology management, agriculture reported higher vocational education as the main content; open experimental research, technology application, investigation report, the exchange of experience, education, teaching and research, scientific and educational information other columns. Welcome our school teachers and students, alumni, local agricultural front, education, research and administration experts, academics, science and education staff contributors are also welcome to subscribe to the magazine units and individuals. Year 4, a total of 20 yuan (including mailing costs), released end of each quarter. (Translated by machine.)