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Journal of Liaoning Technical University(Social Science Edition)

ISSN 1008-391X 
Organizer: liao ning gong cheng ji shu da xue  
Publisher: liao ning gong cheng ji shu da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Introduction of Liaoning Technical University "Liaoning Engineering Technology University" sub-SOCIAL SCIENCE and Natural Science.  Social Sciences founded in 1988, published in 1999, domestic and international public. Always adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, guiding the Journal, with philosophy of law, economics, management science, history, literature and other columns. Is the National College of Liberal Arts Research Association, College of Liberal Arts of Northeast Research Association, Journal of Liaoning Province, member of the Institute. Since founded, for the majority of school offers academic study of the garden for the school subject construction, talent training, and contribute to local economic development.  Social Sciences has in Liaoning Province and Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication Society journal journals sponsored competitions in good part by the excellent part second prize; the first academic journal on CD-ROM access to the national implementation of the Standard Layout of Excellence Award. 2000 to 2002, the China Information Center of Renmin University of title search included books, newspapers article 169, article 4 included full-text search. Natural Science Founded in 1979, in the long process of the Journal of theory and practice is consistently applied the principle of combining, and pursuing a policy of double hundred, for the school's teaching and research and national economic construction. With mining engineering, surveying engineering, construction and mechanical, electrical engineering and computer technology, mechanical and materials engineering, business management and basic science section. In 1990 into the National Chinese core journals in 1994 as a "Ei" included in the source journals. 2001 as the "CA" included the source journals. 4 started in 2002 as "AJ" included the source journals. For the year 2001 was "Ei" page one search contains 113 articles, 2002 articles retrieved included 90. 2003 into the CSA: MS (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts website: Materials Science) 1989, Journal of the National Science and Technology won the national competitions in the quality of science editors outstanding second prize, the same year in the journal Science and technology appraisal by the excellent quality of scientific journal editors first prize. 1991 Journal of the National Coal Technology appraisal system outstanding scientific journals have been the first prize. 1994, 1995, twice won the title of Liaoning Province, a journal. 1997 Editorial Department of Science and Technology Commission of Liaoning Province was awarded the title of editorial excellence. Journals of the editing, layout automation, editorial internal LAN and external network to accept, send e-mail, which greatly speed up the processing and transmission of information. October 2001 delivery of broadband networks.  Over the years there have been 40 editorial people have been provincial, ministry and related business departments awarded the title of an excellent editor, 2 people won the title of National Excellent editing, 1 by the National Institute of Scientific Journal Editors awarded silver prize cattle, 5 times in the above the provincial competition Excellence Award, won 8 times in Liaoning Province in Northeast China and edit the title. Has trained eight senior editor with positive, six with the title of senior associate editor, 6 with intermediate grade editing. Publisher has 10 books on business editor, writing more than 120 academic papers were published in the "Edit Journal", "Chinese Journal of Science and Technology", "Science Editor", "Edit Friends" and other more influential academic journals. (Translated by machine.)