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Journal of Langfang Teachers College

ISSN 1671-1416 
Organizer: lang fang shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: lang fang shi fan xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Articles strive to be comprehensive covering all subject areas, reflecting the profound research and teaching the new teachers view education reform and the new results, mainly published in philosophy, politics, economy, law, history, language and literature, educational theory, and foreign education history, mathematics, physics science, biological sciences, chemistry, foreign languages, music, sports, art, computer science, education, science, higher education, higher education and vocational teacher education reform, adult education, teaching management, quality education, research papers and academic achievements. Articles adhere theory and practice, the times and scientific, ideological and academic unity. Based in Hebei, the country, sought to use a certain academic value and theoretical depth, new arguments, arguments weeks strict, well-argued, concise theoretical articles and academic papers. (Translated by machine.)