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Journal of Hunan Institute of Humanities Science and Technology

ISSN 1673-0712 
Organizer: hu nan ren wen ke ji xue yuan  
Publisher: hu nan ren wen ke ji xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Hunan Humanities Science and Technology", Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Institute of Humanities established a comprehensive academic journal founded in 1984, was originally called "Loudi Teachers College" in 2004, the school upgraded to the Hunan Institute of Humanities Institute of Technology, in October of the same year changed its name to " Hunan Institute of Humanities and Technology. "University of Arts since 1999, won the national award of excellence Column has many years of similar schools Digest reprint rates among the top 10. 2003, "Guangming Daily" published an assessment part of the publication are described in the same year received the first publication "CAJ-CD specification," Journal of the implementation of outstanding awards, and entered Tsinghua Tongfang "CNKI Series Database," China Humanities and Social Sciences Papers Database, China periodical database technology, "Articles Database - Digital Periodicals," and many other databases. Journal in 2006 with excellent quality and the larger community response was rated as the core of the Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Science Journal, the National Social Science Journal hundred. Of the bi-monthly, large format 16, bimonthly at the end of Chukan, 1,3,4,5 year period of Social Sciences, 2,6 of the Natural Science. SOCIAL SCIENCE standing column: political law research, study of economic philosophy, language and literature studies. Special Column: Tseng study, Meishan cultural studies, literary historical research, feminist research in China. NATURAL SCIENCES permanent part are: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and environmental protection, computer applications, sports and sports medicine. (Translated by machine.)