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Chinese Clinical Oncology

ISSN 1009-0460 
Organizer: jie fang jun di ba yi yi yuan  
Publisher: lin chuang zhong liu xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: The publication National Press and Publication Administration and the PLA General Political Department approval, the PLA hosted the eighth of a hospital oncology professional publications, the core of the Chinese biomedical journals, domestic and foreign public offering. Clinical Cancer Research journal publishes the latest research results and experiences at home and abroad the latest research trends and progress, as well as the basic theory is closely related to clinical research and audience for the majority of tumor-related medical workers and health workers . Publication by the renowned academician Wu Mengchao oncologists, Sun Yan Yuanshi served as Director of Academic Committee, famous cancer specialist Professor Datong editor of storage by the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Collaboration Committee of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) the number of experts as the Code Committee, for ensuring the quality of publication plays a key role. In recent years, continuously improve the quality of running publication, impact factor increased year by year, by the majority of authors and readers outside the military wide acclaim, has now become indispensable workers in Clinical Oncology, an oncology professional books. (Translated by machine.)