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Chinese Journal of Clinical Healthcare

ISSN 1672-6790 
Organizer: wei sheng bu bei jing yi yuan an hui sheng bao jian wei yuan hui  
Publisher: zhong guo lin chuang bao jian za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Chinese Articles Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China) by the National Science and Technology, the State Press and Publication Administration approval, "Clinical Geriatric Care" magazine changed its name to "Chinese Journal of Health Care"; Change Organizer: Ministry of Health Beijing Hospital, Health Committee of Anhui Province; department change: the Ministry of Health; Issue bimonthly by the quarterly change; Domestic Issues of change CN34-1273 / R; editorial department is located in Hefei. "Chinese Journal of Health Care" from the February 2004 issue of the official publication of the domestic and international public. "Chinese Journal of Health Care" is the theme of clinical medicine and health care comprehensive academic bimonthly, is a national medical and health journals. Articles Written Discussion with experts, on the, clinical research, basic research, case reports, nursing columns, lectures, reviews, forums and health, mainly in the medical and health personnel and the general clinical and research services to health care workers. "Chinese Journal of Health Care," Editorial Department warmly welcome all health care workers to provide articles for the magazine. (Translated by machine.)