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Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology

ISSN 1006-8422 
Organizer: an hui yi ke da xue an hui yan ke yan jiu suo  
Publisher: lin chuang yan ke za zhi she  
Description: Eye magazine is a national professional journals, domestic and foreign public offering. Publication since 1993, quarterly, each issue 64 pages. To bimonthly publication in 1998. Enlarged by the beginning of 2000 pages, to large 16 open, 88 pages each issue published in 2002, 96 pages each issue published. 1993 to 2002 were published in 10 volumes 48, more than 3,000 papers. "Clinical Ophthalmology" pay attention to reports of clinical applications of research papers, and lessons learned from clinical practice, new technologies, the creation and application of new therapies. Strive to achieve the combination of popularization with the raising and help clinicians to solve practical problems and improve the diagnosis and treatment. Strive to improve the academic standards of ophthalmology, to promote the construction and development services disciplines. Magazine reported range: about clinical applications in ophthalmology research on the clinical experiences, technology improvement, research, case reports, review and lectures, academic trends and book news.  (Translated by machine.)