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Journal of Liaocheng University

ISSN 1672-6634 
Organizer: liao cheng da xue  
Publisher: liao cheng da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: UNIVERSITY (Natural Science), "sponsored by the Department of Liaocheng University, a comprehensive academic journal Science. Founded in 1988, domestic public offering in 1993. Its predecessor is "TEACHERS UNIVERSITY (Natural Science)," with the school changed its name in 2003 to its present name. "Liaocheng University (Natural Science)," The purpose of the magazine is: relying on our school grounds, the College of Engineering, reflecting the latest natural science research, and promote international academic exchanges, active academic atmosphere, scientific and technological personnel training to improve teaching and scientific research for China's modernization construction. This publication published in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, biology, geography, communications, engineering, agriculture and sports disciplines, such as basic research, applied research and academic research in education. The main part of "Doctor Forum", "Fuzzy Mathematics and Its Applications", "Metal Organic and Biological Inorganic Chemistry", "basic scientific research", "applied research" and "Teaching Education" and so on. Readers and students for tertiary science and engineering and other related areas of science and technology workers. Publication of "Abstracts of Chinese Mathematics", "Chinese Physics Abstracts", "Chemical Abstracts inorganic analysis", "Chinese Biological Abstracts," "Chinese Geography Digest" and "Chinese mathematical literature database" source journals, "China academic journals (CD) "into the series journals. Publication in 1990 in Shandong Province Natural Science College of third best in 2000 by the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology journal, Press and Publication Bureau of Shandong Province, Shandong good journals. (Translated by machine.)