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Journal of Clinical Transfusion and Laboratory Medicine

ISSN 1671-2587 
Organizer: an hui sheng shu xue xie hui an hui sheng li yi yuan  
Publisher: lin chuang shu xue yu jian yan bian ji bu  
Description: "Clinical Transfusion and Laboratory Medicine" magazine is the first blood transfusion and testing of the financial as one of the journals. This publication is the blood collection agencies, transfusion-related units in the hospital laboratory and blood collection and supply related business (including management) personnel as the main audience. Articles in the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion set up to retrieve the page contents and abstracts, has been Articles - Digital Periodicals, China Journal Net, Chinese Medical Periodical Literature Database - CMCC, Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full text of the other, the first since 2005 by the National Ministry of Science and Technology Information Research Institute of Chinese scientific papers included statistical sources for the journal, the core of China's science and technology journals. Anhui Province in 2005 to participate in the fifth selection of outstanding scientific and technical journals, and Rong won the second prize. (Translated by machine.)