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Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products

ISSN 0253-2417 
Organizer: zhong guo lin ye ke xue yan jiu yuan lin chan hua xue gong ye yan jiu suo zhong guo lin xue hui lin chan hua xue hua gong fen hui  
Publisher: lin chan hua xue yu gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of Forest Products Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to reflect the achievements of science and technology, reported the results of academic research, review trends in international and domestic development, and promote academic exchanges for the purpose. Published include wood chemistry and pulp technology, terpene chemistry, plant material and its hydrolysis product processing and utilization of wood raw materials, pyrolysis and activated carbon production and use of chemicals and use of turpentine, tannin chemistry and use of essential oils and use of chemical, biological active substances and other extreme of the processing and utilization, woody fuel, oil, forestry drugs, spices and other chemical and utilization of forest products. 10 kinds of domestic and international publication has been included in the database. (Translated by machine.)