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Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics

ISSN 1008-0287 
Organizer: an hui yi ke da xue an hui sheng yi xue hui  
Publisher: lin chuang gu ke za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the orthopedic professional academic journals, bimonthly, paper for the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Journal of Statistical sources (ie, core journals Science and Technology of China), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals. Mainly for clinical orthopedic surgeons, doctors and researchers related disciplines. Purpose of the magazine: the cornerstone of clinical research, new technologies, new methods, new ideas for the lead, combining popularization with the raising, focusing on scientific and practical, designed to address clinical practice issues, and promote development of orthopedics. Informative, illustrated format specification, readable. Impact factor, citation frequency increases every year. (Translated by machine.)