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Inside and Outside the Classroom

ISSN 1007-4899 
Organizer: jiao yu bu guan xin xia yi dai gong zuo wei yuan hui zhong yang jiao yu ke xue yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ke tang nei wai bian ji bu  
Description: Publication based on the curricular and extra-curricular extension to the spirit of pragmatism to maximize the potential of high school students to explore, ideal for the students to plug in wings. Entrance to provide the latest information, most comprehensive universities in professional description, a complete review and sit for learning skills; both concerned with the campus focus of the world situation and outlook for secondary school students to play a talented friends provided the big stage. Part and innovative writing work-station, with the title essay large ring, the campus literary, into the network world, simulation arena entrance, Humor, fresh reading of Bar, college entrance essay out of the classroom, writing activities, innovative design, focusing on high school entrance exam essay questions, week . COM class and so on. Another gold out of a college entrance Journal (78-208), the contents of code to do all over, said, brilliant idea information points, in particular the planning, college and professional, voluntary reporting, Chicken Soup, blog Middle School, language, mathematics, English, schools and Jin and so on. (Translated by machine.)