Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition) 2015 Issue 2 A Fuzzy Adaptive Algorithm Based on Current Statistical Model for Track Prediction
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Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition)
2015 Issue 2
A Fuzzy Adaptive Algorithm Based on Current Statistical Model for Track Prediction
YANG Xiao-peng;,OUYANG Chao;,YANG Zhao-yang;,YAO Kun;,NI Juan;
Fault Detection Algorithm Based on Local Weighted LS-SVM for ADS Integrated Navigation System
HAO Shun-yi;,XIA Qi;,HUANG Guo-rong;,LIU Shi-yi;,ZHA Zhong-xiang;
Experimental Study of Generation and Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Inductively Coupled Plasma in Closed Cavity
LIN Min;,XU Hao-jun;,WEI Xiao-long;,LIANG Hua;,SU Chen;
Equivalent Single Wheel Load of Airport Flexible Pavement Structures
HU Hong-long;,TAN Zhi-ming;,ZHU Tang-liang;,WANG Li;,42
Research on Evaluation Method for Node Importance Based on Weight-evolving Network Model
JIANG Zhi-peng;,ZHANG Duo-lin;,MA Jing;,WU Xu-guang;
Analysis of Modeling An Air and Missile Defense Operational Network Based on HK Model
SUN Cheng-yu;,SHEN Mao-xing;,BIE Xiao-feng;,REN Jun-liang;
Research on Position and Pose Control for Virtual Missile Loading Training
LIU Hai-ping;,WANG Wei;,LU Wan-tian;,LI Pei-lin;
A Mission Oriented Path Planning Algorithm for Unmanned Reconnaissance Air Vehicles
QIAO Ming;,ZHAO Xiao-lin;,XIE Wen-jun;,YU Chao;
Distinguishing of Rotationally Symmetric Group Targets Based on Plot-curve Association Algorithm
ZHAO Meng-meng;,ZHANG Qun;,LUO Ying;,CHEN Yi-jun;,DING Shuai-shuai;
An Improved Algorithm for DDAGSVM
SHI Zhao-hui;,WANG Jian;,HUA Ji-xue;,GUO Xin-peng;
Influence of Focusing Effect of Boundary Layer on the Airborne Laser Communication Performance under the High Speed Maneuvering Condition
ZHANG Xi-wen;,ZHAO Shang-hong;,HOU Rui;,LI Yong-jun;,DENG Bo-yu;
A Novel Low RCS Design for Patch Antenna with High Gain Performance
CONG Li-li;,CAO Xiang-yu;,LI Wen-qiang;,ZHAO Yi;,SONG Tao;
Y-shaped Aperture Loaded Miniaturized Ultra-wideband Vivaldi End-fire Antenna
LIU Hong-xi;,GAO Jun;,LI Si-jia;,ZHANG Di;
The Improved Method for Suppressing the Frequency Domain Narrowband Interference
LI Ping-bo;,WANG Lu;,YAN Yu-guo;
Dual Containing BCH Codes of Length n =3 (q2-1) and Construction of Quantum Codes
MA Yue-na;,LIANG Fang-chi;,GUO Luo-bin;,LI Zhong-hua;
Modeling and Hardware Realization of 3-phase 4-leg Inverter Based on SVM
CHENG Meng-jiang-chuan;,CHEN Chang-xing;,GENG Dao-tian;,CHEN Qiang;,CHEN Ting;
Interspecific Competition Models Dependent on Distribution of Individuals
LIU Jia;,LI Jian-quan;,LIU Guang-rong;