Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition) 2003 Issue 3 A Mathematic Model of Timetable Arrangement in the Free-Select-Course Mode
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Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition)
2003 Issue 3
A Mathematic Model of Timetable Arrangement in the Free-Select-Course Mode
wu wei ; zhang xiao feng ; zhu gen biao
A Research on Applicability of Evaluating Methods of Inviting Bidding
lei lei ; tan yue jin
An Epidemic Model with Certain Period of Quarantine
li jian quan ; yang you she
Design and Realization of CAN Bus Control Node Based on SJA1000
li yun ; wang bao liang ; ding zai tian ; wang yan wei
Intelligent Control Theory and It's Development
li gang ; liu xing tang ; xu an min
Variation Analysis of Dispersion Characteristics for bilateral slot line
zhang xu chun ; zhen shu chun ; zhang xue li
A New Method for Frequency Estimation of Single Complex Sinusoid in White Gaussian Noise
han zhong xiang ; xia jing bo ; wang yuan yi ; ma zhi qiang
The Optimal Model and Methods of Economical-Effective Problem in Model Check
shang chang an ; nie cheng ; song zuo
Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems of Aerocraft Basic Parts with FD-TD Method
yi chun hai ; wang zuo da ; huang shi jia ; zhang zhi jun
A Design of Digital Magnetic Heading System and a New Method of Compass Compensation
liu hua wei ; huang guo rong ; zhang zong zuo
Characteristics of Nonlinear Evolutions
lin yi
An Application of FIR Parity Check Codes in Digital Cable Television System
liu gang ; wu xiao li ; ge jian hua
Chaotic Encryption Based on RBF Neural Networks
wang ; chen ling ; zhu shuang he
Research on Blind Source Separation Based on Natural Gradient Algorithm
sun shou yu ; zheng jun li ; wu de wei
Design of Servo Tracking System of Microwave Vehicle Antenna
zhang dian fu ; sun rong hai ; li ping ; zhao zhi yuan
A Method of System Error-correct Based on the Earth-Centered Coordinate Transform
liu jin mang ; zhang xiao gang ; liu chang yun
Researches on the Applications of System Dynamics in Air Defense System
shen mao xing ; liu ming ; wen hong wei
Research on PC/104-based ATS of An Airborne Weapon Control System
yang yong zhi ; huang sheng lun ; feng he jun ; feng jin fu
Performance Analysis of Activity Priority Scheduling Approach
wang yuan zhen ; zhao jian ; nie cheng
UAV Flight Control Based on Three Section Combination Control Tactics
liang cheng shun ; xie jun
The Engine Stall Characteristic Based on Correlation Dimension
zhang bai ling ; ding kang le ; li ying hong ; jiang tao
Study on Automatic Correcting of Ballistic Trajectory Windage on the Non-standard Weather Condition
zhang xi bin ; chen xue jiang ; yang bao qiang ; tao jing cheng