Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition) 2001 Issue 2 Study of 1.06μm Laser Director for Beam Guidance
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Journal of Air Force Engineering University(Natural Science Edition)
2001 Issue 2
Study of 1.06μm Laser Director for Beam Guidance
zhao shang hong ; bai jin tao ; chen guo fu ; xie xiao ping
Zheng-Hirt Formula and Its Appliance in Failure Analysis
ma kang min ; xuan jian guang
1∶1 Simulation Test of Ground Pressure Refuel System for an Aircraft
shen yan liang ; wang xing hua ; wang jian ping ; cao ke qiang
A Protocol for Authentication of Mobile Proxy Hosts in Mobile Computing Networks
li yu lin ; dong yu guo ; li zu peng ; zheng lian qing
Optimal Design for the Control System Based on MATLAB
wu xiao yan ; li yan bin ; zhao min rong ; qiu dang qing
Analysis and Emulation of Spectrum in Sampling Process of DRFM
feng cun qian ; han ying chen ; zhang yong shun
The Computer Simulation of Jamming of a Linear-Sweep Radar
yang shou guo ; xie jun wei ; zhang xue li
Improved Scheme of Orthogonal Multicode CDMA System
zou zuo ; feng yong hao
Theoretical Analysis of Film Thickness of DCG in Manufacturing Holographic Display Screen
ma yue ; sun zhong yun ; zhao yong an
An Overview for Development of the Techniques on Multiple Sensor Registration
he xi bing ; li jiao ; jing zhong liang
The Problems in Software Quality and Its Improving Method
yu xiu shan ; zhang heng xi
Design Flight Control System by Self-organizing Fuzzy Logic Controller
zhao hong yan ; zhang wen
Technology for Using ActiveX/DCOM Components in C/S Circumstance
zhang yong zhi ; tao xiao yan ; han zhong xiang
The Applications of Web Database With Java
liu ling xia ; liu shou yi ; wang ling
Rolling Bearing Diagnosis System Based on Analyzing Characteristics
wang jun ; lin hua
The Design of A Fast Drag System
liu xia ; zhang xiao zuo
Requirement for Wave-mode to Determine StressIntensity Factor by Ultrasonic Wave
zhang zhong ping ; che jun ; liu zhi yi ; yang zun pao ; zhang jian bang
Probabilistic Reliability-Based on Optimization of Structures
guo shu xiang ; lv zhen zhou ; li wei ji ; feng yuan sheng
Information Fusion in Supportability Assessment of Aeronautic Equipment
wang qiang ; liu xue feng ; duan mu jing shun
Eigenvalue Reduced-order Method for Dynamic Model of Flexible Multibody System
guan hong gen ; feng jin fu ; he yong ; gao shu zi
Nonexistence of Limit Cycles for Some Plane Differential Systems
li jian quan ; wang guo zheng
The Method of Material Provision Optimizing Path Estimateon the basis of Fuzzy AHP
gao hong ni ; yang jian jun ; cao ze yang
Balanced Sampling-a way to Promote the Stability of Sampling Integrator
jiao guang long ; fu hong wei ; xiang zheng yi ; wang bin ke ; dai guo xian
Markovian Decision Programming Model Study on Spare Parts Inventory
zhu yi fei ; huang guo ce