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Journal of Kaifeng University

ISSN 1008-343X 
Organizer: kai feng da xue  
Description: Director of the Henan Province Department of Education publication, organized by the University in Kaifeng, an Arts and comprehensive academic publications. Founded in June 1987, at home and abroad to issue publicly. The purpose of the magazine are: the four cardinal principles and double hundreds, based on the Central Plains, and the country, colleges and universities to promote research and exchange, to improve the quality of teaching services for the socialist construction of the three civilizations. Publication located in the academic, applied, local. Permanent part of the Song Dynasty culture, the ancient capital of Kaifeng Economic and Cultural Studies, College Newspaper research, education, teaching and research. Is the quality of local institutions, the Chinese CAJ-CD standardize the implementation of an excellent journal, "China Journal" contains full text journals. (Translated by machine.)