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Bus Technology and Research

ISSN 1006-3331 
Organizer: jiao tong bu zhong qing gong lu ke xue yan jiu suo zhong qing jiao tong ke yan she ji yuan jiao tong bu ke che ji shu xin xi wang zhong guo gong lu xue hui ke che xue hui  
Publisher: ke che ji shu yu yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1979 by the Ministry of Communications Highway Research Institute of Chongqing (now renamed as Chongqing Transportation Research and Design Institute), Ministry of Communications Bus Technical Information Network and the China Road and Bus Association, Society. Domestic and international public offering, bimonthly, the main issue to national transportation, urban construction, machinery, military, aviation and judicial system, bus companies, bus (car) related enterprises and related research institutes and universities and other departments, welcomed by readers and praise. As of the end of 2001, has been published 94, issued more than 300,000 copies. Subscribe to welcome Cigao, welcome advertising. China founded earlier publication, The bigger, high academic standards in order to coach the national application of technology-based science and technology journals. Major reports on the development of domestic and international bus industry, bus technology and other aspects of academic, research and practical experience, new technology, new processes and new materials. It has become a communication bus technology, publicity and promotion of advanced technology and accessories, and promote the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and important position, but also introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment, passenger window, to the revitalization and prosperity of China passenger car industry has played an active role . (Translated by machine.)