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Port Health Control

ISSN 1008-5777 
Organizer: tian jin guo ji lv xing wei sheng bao jian xie hui  
Publisher: kou an wei sheng kong zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal aims: to follow the principle of prevention, and related areas for the extension of border crossings follow-up management of the nature and characteristics of health, closely around the public health, food safety, medical tests and other key areas of the center of the work, while for the food manufacturers and regulatory authorities, hospital inspection departments, health and epidemic prevention departments and relevant institutions, and actively organize relevant medical research and academic theories of, so the theory of preventive medicine research in practice to continuously develop and improve in order to better guide and promote the development of port health work. Three main functions: a health professional and technical exchange platform; promotion of professional titles published in the garden; inspection and quarantine system to expand outreach of the window. For the three major areas: public health, food hygiene, medical laboratory. (Translated by machine.)