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Journal of Spinal Surgery

ISSN 1672-2957 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui shang hai fen hui  
Publisher: ji zhu wai ke za zhi she  
Description: Articles approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, by the Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Branch organized Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Department of Orthopaedics hosted "Spine Surgery" on February 28, 2003 officially inaugurated, Issues of national unity for the CN31 -1907 / R, International Standard Serial Number for the ISSN1672-2957, domestic public offering. "Spine Surgery" positioning for advanced academic publications, a bimonthly, large 16 mo, body 64, set the main columns of the, short reports, experience sharing, review, seminars, new techniques and methods, academic contention, letters to the editor , news reports. Readers spine surgery and related disciplines for the clinical, teaching and research staff. The field of spine surgery journal focused on basic theory, clinical skills and new advances in basic and clinical research experience or lessons million surface can be reported. Editorial Board focused on spinal surgery spinal surgery almost all domestic well-known industry experts, will be strictly on the manuscript, done with high standards, high starting point, strive to reflect and represent the field of spine surgery of the highest academic level, accomplishing the magazine China authority and international influence have some spine surgery journal. (Translated by machine.)