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Polyester Industry

ISSN 1008-8261 
Organizer: quan guo ju zuo sheng chan ji shu xie zuo zu da lian he cheng xian wei yan jiu suo gu fen you xian gong si  
Publisher: ju zuo gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: Approved by the State Ministry of Science magazine, polyester production technology by the National Collaborative Group, and Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute sponsored multi-disciplinary field of chemical technology publications. Retrieval system is now internationally renowned "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ) included in the Journal source. Main report says: domestic polyester materials, polyester fibers and non-fiber products, manufacturing technology, scientific research, literature review, technology developments, equipment modification, analysis and testing, new product development and application of economic analysis, business management , environmental protection and market dynamics. Welcome to the production of polyester industry, research institutes of technology, management of cadres and tertiary petrochemicals, polymers, synthetic fibers, and professional students departmental libraries subscribe. (Translated by machine.)