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Building Electricity

ISSN 1003-8493 
Organizer: zhong guo jian zhu xi nan she ji yan jiu yuan zhong guo jian zhu xue hui jian zhu dian qi fen hui quan guo jian zhu dian qi she ji ji shu xie zuo ji qing bao jiao liu wang  
Publisher: jian zhu dian qi bian ji bu  
Description: "Building Electrical" magazine by the head of the Ministry of Construction, China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute as the main sponsor, Architectural Society of China Building Electrical Branch of the National Electrical Design and technical cooperation and information exchange network for the co-sponsors, is the construction industry The only recommended comprehensive electrical journals. Mainly to supply and distribution, electrical automation, intelligent building, lightning protection and grounding, fire and linkage, electrical lighting, modern residential, sound like the technology, messaging, alarm and security, research and discussion, project review, the standard and norms, and electrical energy, expert forums, new product introductions. In 2007, the publication by the relevant state regulatory approval, will be changed monthly, in addition to the above reports focused content, through meticulous planning, a series of hot forefront of the industry, the focus topic for this publication and timeliness of information contained in will be doubled. More times, scientific, closer to the reader. Electrical construction and strive to promptly reflect the forefront of technological development dynamic, capturing the field of construction of new electrical technologies, new materials, new products, and increase the promotion and publicity-oriented, and strive to publication to a new level. "Building Electrical" is building electrical design, research, supervision, installation, commissioning, production operations, equipment manufacturing and other departments in the electrical professional engineering and technical personnel and institutions of choice for the professional student publications. "Building Electric" is a monthly, A4 format, emailed price 8.00 yuan each, the annual price of 96.00 yuan, the retail price 10.00 each. Post offices across the country (which) can subscribe. (Translated by machine.)