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Journal of Building Materials

ISSN 1007-9629 
Organizer: tong ji da xue  
Publisher: jian zhu cai liao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The field of construction materials for domestic comprehensive academic publication by the director of the Ministry of Education, Tongji University hosted. Publication of information the company is now the United States works (Ei) Page One database, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) included, the National Science and Technology, China Research Center for Quantitative Evaluation of the scientific literature, also has been identified as the publication source of the Chinese SCIENTIFIC journals, Journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database sources, and as the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database contains full-text journal sources. Publication of the main tasks are: building materials and related fields reflect the latest scientific research and engineering application of the results. Publishes basic and applied research of building materials in the papers, but also published works related to the application of research presentations, special review class article. (Translated by machine.)