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Jiangyou Forum

ISSN 1005-384X 
Organizer: jiang xi sheng chu ban zong she hong xing wen hua chuan bo you xian gong si  
Publisher: jiang you lun tan bian ji bu  
Description: "Jiang Yu Forum" is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the Jiangxi Provincial Publishing Group, organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Publishing Group, co-editor of Red Star Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a national educational publishing comprehensive scholarly journals. Unit in charge of Press and Publication Bureau of Jiangxi Province. Is a set of scientific, ideological, theoretical as an integrated academic journals. Is a national education and scientific research published information carrier, is the education sector and the community an important channel for exchange of information, is the education sector, academic exchanges, learn from the University teaching experience and post-undergraduate, master and doctoral thesis published in a major garden. Founded in 2000, officially changed its name in 2007, "Jiang Yu forum." International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1005-384X, national unity ISSN CN36-0053, a large opening 16, monthly. The aim is to meet the journal founded and development of China's reform and opening up the new situation, and vigorously carry forward the policies of the party's research and education, give full attention to philosophy, economy, humanities and social and natural sciences research, and actively promote the different areas of academic exploration, and promote the institutions of higher learning , research organizations and enterprises and institutions of scientific research building, to promote academic exchange and prosperity. "Jiang Yu forum" idea journal rigorous, scientific, pragmatic and open, and strive shows great foresight, vision, focus on improving academic standards; to enrich the content and professional vision, the authority of the arguments and the notion of opening the face of the reader; adhere to the open journal, the society journal. "Jiang Yu Forum" will set the authority, in one academic and professional, and truly become institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, academic garden, academic research partners. (Translated by machine.)