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Journal of Jiangxi Administration Institute

ISSN 1008-6463 
Organizer: zhong gong jiang xi sheng wei dang xiao jiang xi xing zheng xue yuan  
Publisher: jiang xi xing zheng xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Jiangxi Administration Institute" by the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Party School and the Institute of Jiangxi Administration organized a comprehensive Academic Journals, national administrative class of important journals, mainly focuses on public administration, national civil services and public policy, the government scientific, legal and modernization services, construction services for administrative discipline, published in the political, legal, public administration, philosophy, cultural, economic, social, technological, and education research. Since founded in 1999, expanding its social impact, circulation continued to rise. "Jiangxi Administration Institute" for the domestic and international public offering, welcome party and government organs, enterprises, military units, Party, various Management Institute, colleges, neighborhoods and communities of the library or library, the level leading cadres, publicity workers, political workers, theoretical researchers and readers to the local post office for subscription procedures. "Jiangxi Administration Institute" for the quarterly, the quarterly publication of the first 10 months, large 16 mo 80 pages, each priced at 5 yuan, 20 yuan annual price (including postage), Youfadaihao 44-104. Tel :0791 -6303932; 13036206982 (Translated by machine.)