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Jiangsu Journal of Preventive Medicine

ISSN 1006-9070 
Organizer: jiang su sheng ji bing yu fang kong zhi zhong xin jiang su sheng yu fang yi xue hui  
Publisher: jiang su yu fang yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: The field of Preventive Medicine, Jiangsu Province, the first public offering of the journal, Preventive Medicine, Jiangsu Province, in time reflects the level of business and academic level, the Jiangsu Province and other areas of advanced preventive medicine techniques, methods and the latest information back to the workers at all levels of Preventive Medicine, Jiangsu Province is the subject area of preventive medicine the forefront of academic exchanges. Content focuses on the prevention of the various disciplines within the field of medicine and methods of academic research, taking into account grass-roots workers, exchange of practical experience. (Translated by machine.)