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Acta Metallurgica Sinica
2016 Issue 5
Magnetic Properties of Co 2D Antidot Arrays with Hexagonal Holes Using Colloidal Crystal Template Method
Hong-Fei Qi;Da-Bo Liu;Song-Yan Dai;Tian-Min Wang;Department of Steel and Rare-Noble Metals;Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials;Center of Condensed Matter and Material Physics;Beihang University;
Cooling Rate Sensitivity of RE-Containing Grain Refiner and Its Impact on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of A356 Alloy
Hua-Rui Zhang;Zhen-Bang Liu;Zi-Zhuo Li;Guo-Wei Li;Hu Zhang;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Beihang University;Beijing Key Laboratory for Advanced Functional Material and Thin Film Technology;Beihang University;SMX Dicastal Wheel Manufacture Company;
Characterization of the Hot Deformation Behavior of Cu–Cr–Zr Alloy by Processing Maps
Yi Zhang;Hui-Li Sun;Alex A.Volinsky;Bao-Hong Tian;Zhe Chai;Ping Liu;Yong Liu;School of Materials Science and Engineering;Henan University of Science and Technology;Department of Mechanical Engineering;University of South Florida;Collaborative Innovation Center of Nonferrous Metals;School of Materials Science and Engineering;University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;
Influence of Multi-pass Friction Stir Processing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Die Cast Al–7Si–3Cu Aluminum Alloy
L.John Baruch;R.Raju;V.Balasubramanian;A.G.Rao;I.Dinaharan;Department of Mechanical Engineering;Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science;Department of Industrial Engineering;College of Engineering;Anna University;Department of Manufacturing Engineering;Centre for Materials Joining and Research;Annamalai University;Marine Materials Division;Naval Materials Research Laboratory;Department of Mechanical Engineering Science;University of Johannesburg;Auckland Park Kingsway Campus;
Hot Deformation and Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of Austenite-Based Low-Density Fe–Mn–Al–C Steel
Ya-Ping Li;Ren-Bo Song;Er-Ding Wen;Fu-Qiang Yang;School of Materials Science and Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;R&D Center;BAIC Motor Corporation LTD;
New DySrAlO4 Compound Synthesis and Formation Process Correlations for LnSrAlO4(Ln=Nd,Gd,Dy) Series
E.A.Tugova;New Inorganic Materials Laboratory;Ioffe Institute;
A Comparative Investigation of Dye-Sensitized Titanium Dioxide
V.Chandrakala;J.Annai Joseph Steffy;Neena Bachan;W.Jothi Jeyarani;Tenzin Tenkyong;J.Merline Shyla;Department of Physics;Energy Nanotechnology Centre;Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy;Loyola College;
Prediction of Compressive Strength of Biodegradable Mg–Zn/HA Composite via Response Surface Methodology and Its Biodegradation
Loy Liang Soon;Hussain Zuhailawati;Ismail Suhaina;Brij Kumar Dhindaw;Structural Materials Niche Area Group;School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering;Engineering Campus;Universiti Sains Malaysia;School of Minerals Metallurgical and Materials Engineering;Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar;
Influence of Extrusion Joint on Microstructural Evolution and Properties of Mg Alloy Sheet
Qing-Shan Yang;Zu-Jian Yu;Hu-Cheng Pan;Qing-Wei Dai;Jian-Hui Li;School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering;Chongqing University of Science and Technology;Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology;Key Laboratory for Anisotropy and Texture of Materials;Northeastern University;
Electricity Production in Microbial Fuel Cell Subjected to Different Operational Modes
Hong-Yan Dai;Hui-Min Yang;Xian Liu;Xuan Jian;Zhen-Hai Liang;College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Taiyuan University of Technology;Department of Environmental Engineering;Taiyuan College;
An Algorithm to Analyze Electron Backscatter Diffraction Data for Grain Reconstruction:from Methodology to Application
Xue-Hao Zheng;Hong-Wang Zhang;Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science;Institute of Metal Research;Chinese Academy of Sciences;National Engineering Research Center for Equipment and Technology of Cold Strip Rolling;College of Mechanical Engineering;Yanshan University;
Formation of Dense Inclusion Buildup on Submerged Entry Nozzle by Electric Current Pulse
Wen-Bin Dai;Xiu-Li Zhou;Xin Yang;Guang-Peng Tang;Dan-Bin Jia;Nai-Liang Cheng;Jing-Kun Yu;School of Metallurgy;Northeastern University;Meishan Steel Plant;