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Acta Metallurgica Sinica
2012 Issue 4
Nucleation barrier height in undercooled metallic melts
Gang WANG;Dechang ZENG and Zhongwu LIU School of Materials Science and Engineering;South China University of Technology;Guangzhou 510640;China
An estimation of stress intensity factor in a clamped SE(T) specimen through numerical simulation and experimental verification:case of FCGR of AISI H11 tool steel
Masood Shah 1);Catherine Mabru 2);Farhad Rezai-Aria 3);Ines Souki 3) and Riffat Asim Pasha 1) 1) Mechanical Engineering Department;University of Engineering and Technology;Taxila;Pakistan 2) Department of Mechanics of Structures and Materials;University of Toulouse;INSA;UPS;Mines Albi;ISA;ICA;DMSM;F-31056 Toulouse;France 3) Research Group of Surfaces;Machining;Materials and Tooling;University of Toulouse;INSA;UPS;Mines Albi;ISAE;ICA;Campus Jarlard;F-81013 Albi cedex 09;France
Damage prediction of HP40Nb steel with coupled creep and carburization based on the continuum damage mechanics
Limin SHEN;Jianming GONG;Yong JIANG and Luyang GENG College of Mechanical and Power Engineering;Nanjing University of Technology;Nanjing 210009;China
Preparation of ternary Mg-Li-Sn alloys from molten salt by electrolysis
Peng CAO;Milin ZHANG;Wei HAN;Yongde YAN and Lijun CHEN Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials and Surface Technology;Ministry of Education;College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering;Harbin Engineering University;Harbin 150001;China
Study on corrosion resistance of pure magnesium with CaSiO3 contained coating in NaCl solution
Yanjin LU 1;2);Lili TAN 1);Hongliang XIANG 2);Bingchun ZHANG 1) and Ke YANG 1) 1) Institute of Metal Research;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Shenyang 110016;China 2) School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation;Fuzhou University;Fuzhou 350108;China
Effect of nickel on ion-selective property of rust formed on low-alloying weathering steel
Xinliang GAO;Guiqin FU and Miaoyong ZHU School of Materials and Metallurgy;Northeastern University;Shenyang 110819;China
Influences of pouring temperature and cooling rate on microstructure and mechanical properties of casting Al-Si-Cu aluminum alloy
Xiaowu HU;Fanrong AI and Hong YAN School of Mechanical Electrical Engineering;Nanchang University;Nanchang 330031;China
A thermodynamic description of the Si-rich Si-Fe system
Kai TANG 1) and Merete Tangstad 2) 1) SINTEF Materials and Chemistry;N-7465 Trondheim;Norway 2) Department of Materials and Technology;Norwegian University of Science and Technology;Trondheim;Norway
Heat transfer and grain refining mechanism during melt treatment by cooling sloping plate
Renguo GUAN;Zhanyong ZHAO;Runze CHAO;Hongqian HUANG and Chunming LIU College of Materials and Metallurgy;Northeastern University;Shenyang 110819;China