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Journal of Jiangsu Forestry Science & Technology

ISSN 1001-7380 
Organizer: jiang su sheng lin ye ke xue yan jiu yuan jiang su sheng lin ye ke ji qing bao zhong xin  
Publisher: jiang su lin ye ke ji bian ji bu  
Description: The journal is of Jiangsu Jiangxi Academy of Forestry Science and Technology Information Center of Forestry at home and abroad, co-sponsored a comprehensive public offering of forestry science and technology journals. Journal based in Jiangsu, and the country is reflected in Jiangsu and other provinces in east China's forestry research and production of an important image of the window, is to contact the bridge forestry research and production. Scientific and technological achievements into productive forces in the process, played a larger role. "Jiangsu Forestry Science and Technology," published in the main tree breeding, seedling planting, landscaping, specialty Forest, forest management, forest protection, survey design, forestry machinery, wildlife and other aspects of academic papers, research reports, lessons learned, and new results, new technologies, with strong guidance, technical, practical, forestry research, education workers, management and the majority of forestry workers will front a lot of reference material. (Translated by machine.)