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Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics

ISSN 1007-4708 
Organizer: da lian li gong da xue zhong guo li xue xue hui  
Publisher: ji suan li xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the State Ministry of Science, Head of Education, China Institute of Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, jointly organized and professional academic journals, founded in February 1984, public offering, by the quarterly change since 2003 bimonthly. It is calculated in the mechanics of this new discipline has been under considerable development by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow, founder of the International Association of Computational Mechanics, the former chairman of the Chinese Society of Mechanics Professor Qian Lingxi founded the auspices of the editorial board by the National experts in the academic computing power, Professor Qian Lingxi the editor in chief. 1997 renamed "Computational Mechanics", Chinese Academy of Sciences, the International Association for Computational Mechanics Executive Committee Member, Professor Zhong Wanxie the editor in chief. In 2001, the editorial board composed of the fourth, the new editorial board has 12 academicians, and enrich the international forces currently active in a number of young scholars, experts and scholars, academic leaders. (Translated by machine.)