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Journal of Jiangsu University(Natural Science Edition)

ISSN 1671-7775 
Organizer: jiang su da xue  
Publisher: jiang su da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Jiangsu Polytechnic University (Natural Science)," formerly known as the "Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery Institute", founded in 1980, bimonthly, domestic and international public offering. Publishes the machinery, power, agricultural processing, biological and environmental, automotive and transport, thermal engineering, materials, electrical, computer, automation, mechanics, application number, construction and other disciplines of the latest research results. Technology has been listed as the Chinese core journals; "China Journal" (CJN), "Chinese Academic Journal (CD) (CAJ-CD) contains full-text journals; China Science and Technology Papers Database (CSTPC); Chinese Science Citation Database; China Science and Technology Statistics and Analysis of Source Journals; "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) at home and abroad, and digest a variety of fixed and authoritative database of reference journals. Journal of numerous awards in competitions. (Translated by machine.)