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Journal of Jiangsu University(Social Sciences Edition)

ISSN 1671-6604 
Organizer: jiang su da xue  
Publisher: jiang su da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of philosophy, social sciences General Publications, publishes the relevant internal and external politics, philosophy, history, law, business management, financial accounting, international trade, education, literature and art and other aspects of academic research results. Editorial Board by the school party secretary Professor Zhang Bi command, school well-known experts, scholars, thus ensuring the University's academic quality. "Jiangsu Polytechnic University" (Social Science) for the public offering of publications, quarterly, large 16 mo, local post offices can subscribe to, price each 6 yuan, Youfadaihao 28-187. Willing to "Jiangsu Polytechnic University" to be your faithful friend! (Translated by machine.)